Scientific schools

  • Scientific School of Professor V.D. Bayramov

    Scientific School of Professor V.D. Bayramov

    The scientific school “Inclusive professional education of disabled people with musculoskeletal system disordered (ODS)” includes issues related to implement the educational inclusive social policies for ODS persons.

    Inclusive professional education of disabled persons with ODS is considered by School officials to be an integral part of its social aspects: socio-psychological, socio-cultural, socio-structural, socio-economic and socio-legal. The colleagues concerned with School researches discuss medical, pedagogical and other perspectives subjects dealing with the Main School problem.

    Methodological Base

    The School has accumulated different, but not the only one, theoretical and methodological present paradigms developed in social science. This scientific approach allows School scientists to study the inclusion problems of ODS disabled people taking into consideration different issues, using methodology for social phenomenology. The specific features of status-role set for the disabled persons are studied with structural-functionalist methodology; the research of communicative inclusion barriers is carried out from the point of view of symbolic interactionism. School representatives in their studies are guided by the theory of structural and social analysis.

    Practice-Methodological Base. Social school paradigm is «Reverse Inclusion» dealing with the specific needs for the disabled people in the system of education, i.e. inclusive social strategy should be followed with total adaptation education. Special attention is to be drawn to the category of disability; professional educational organizations, depending on nosology is to be profiled as well.

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  • Scientific School of Professor A.V. Gerasimov – “Authority and Society”

    Scientific and Technical Achievements of the Scientific School.

    The School scientists have researched the socio-cultural, institutional, social and subjective parameters of social chaos; the conditions for production and reproduction in Russian society; a social modernization project has been developed as an alternative to social chaos.

    The social and philosophical concept of Russians mass consciousness has been developed; the role of Orthodoxy in mass consciousness of Russian society has been determined; transformation of values in mass consciousness of Soviet and post – Soviet society has been revealed; the techniques and resources of PR technologies affected the mass consciousness of Russians in modern Russian society have been exposed.

    The Interaction theory of government establishment and civil society institutes has been developed.

    The state bureaucracy theory and ways to increase the effectiveness of its political participation in the modernization project in modern Russia have been suggested.
    Political mechanisms and technologies for reducing up the corruption have been identified and recommendations scientifically based have been developed for Russian Federation authorities to make anti-corruption activities effective.