MGGEU research activity aims at potential university development as a unique institution training specialists with musculoskeletal disorders.

For sustainable development, the university scientific research activity is directed on:

  • active development of the programs of scientific research in the issues of educational and rehabilitation processes (methodological explanation of the ways of psychological and pedagogical and social and medical rehabilitation of disabled people with musculoskeletal system disorders);
  • ensuring participation of the university in large international and Russian scientific and educational projects on the issues of increasing the efficiency of social adaptation and integration of disabled people with musculoskeletal system disorders into a modern social environment;
  • intensification of the basic and applied scientific research, support of existing and formation of new scientific schools, involvement of postgraduate students and students to all forms of scientific research;
  • increase in efficiency of using the information technologies of training (ITT);
  • development of the proposals for implementation of new psychological and pedagogical and information technologies in educational process;
  • study of the problems of the development system of higher education and formation of the practical recommendations, which provide effective training of specialists with different types of disability.