MGGEU Students Took Part in the all-Russian “Ready for Labor and Defense (RLD) Without Borders” Project

The MGGEU team attended the “Inclusive City” Sports Festival within the framework of the all-Russian “RLD without Borders” project.
At the Opening Ceremony followed by the music cadet corps of the Russian Armed Forces performance the festival participants were given warm greetings.

“I would like to stress that the level of the event effort has become higher and more professional compared to last year,” said Vladimir Shishikin, who is in charge of the sports sector on the MGGEU Student Council.

The MGGEU team was represented by the following students: Sergey Galanin, Vladimir Shishikin, Nikita Serednitsky, Igor Suroveshkin, Mustafa Kachubarov, Galina Sokova, Alexander Ankudinov, Maria Ageeva; Alexander Savastyanov and Zakhar Iluridze performed as volunteers.
MGGEU students took an active part in every aspect of RLD event and participated in various trials. Our students were mostly interested in such a new sport as wheelchair fencing. As a pleasant bonus that offered unforgettable impressions the festival attendees got an opportunity to drive a handbike.

This event was attended by various financial backers and honoured guest including members of the Red Wings Riders motorcycle club and representatives of the “Mini” company. During the festival the attendees had an opportunity to try field kitchen meals and visit the workshop site where any volunteers could use moist colours to paint a Mini Cooper car.
MGGEU students mentioned the first-rate performance of this event’s volunteers who didn’t just help on all the platforms but also gave their good vibes for the rest of the day.