Best Social Advertising Awarded in Moscow City Duma

On November 16, the Moscow City Duma welcomed our Sociology and Journalism faculty students, winners of Social Advertisement Contest “MCHS Art 2018” for the high-profile award ceremony.

The Contest was sponsored by the Chief Directorate of MES of Russia for Moscow, Chief Directorate’s Public Council, Moscow City Duma Commission for Security as well as “Safe City” public organization and the “Russian Union of Rescuers” Moscow Office.

The Contest with more than 800 art-projects participating was focused on such vital issues as culture of safe behavior, fire prevention, safety for children etc. The contestants competed in 3 nominations, those being “Best Photoshot”, “Best Poster”, “Best Video” and a debut nomination “Thematic Drawing”. The judges of the Contest both, professional designers and professional rescuers gave a high appraisal of the works’ quality.

The Contest embraced wide geography of winners and runners –up with representatives of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tomsk, Troitsk, Izhevsk and Belarus Republic who leveled the Contest up to the all-Russian and international scales.

MGGEU first-year student of Sociology and Journalism department Anastasia Romanova (supervised by PhD G.Vakku)  has won People’s Choice Award in “Best Photoshot” nomination.